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Since 2003 I’ve been an environmental activist in Romania, Southeastern Europe.
Throughout this time I’ve built several environmental projects from the stage of idea, some up to full-grown social movements in my home country.

My list of concrete achievements includes:

  • a selective collection system in my college, while in my student years; after graduation, I’ve expanded that project to other universities
  • I founded my environmental NGO: EcoAssist.
  • I’ve built and lead an awareness campaign regarding the green spaces in towns
  • cleanup action in four natural protected areas from Romania (including the Biosphere Reservation the Danube Delta)
  • collaborations with other local NGOs on their advocacy causes regarding the Romanian natural protected areas legislation, forbidding hunting in Romanian natural protected areas or concerning the bill for urban development in Romanian cities)
  • I have initiated, lead, and legally represented the country cleanup of Romania (” Let’s Do It, Romania!” – 2010), which in time mobilized over 1 million Romanians, as well as authorities, companies, media, or other NGOs
  • I have founded and coordinated for seven years the national afforestation initiative” We Plant Good Deeds in Romania,” through which in time, we planted over 1 million trees with the help of citizens, authorities, companies, media and other NGOs
  • I’ve written a book about building the first cleanup mass civic engagement (Title: 200.000; it will be translated into English soon)
  • I’m working on the second book, this time about the afforestation national project (I’m writing it in English directly)

The processes I can now offer:


share knowledge

(online and offline) around making projects happen concretely

strategic input

regarding building a community project

in-depth consultations

for existing community projects

mentoring new people

to build their projects in their local community

build a community of community project leaders

to support one another wile making their projects happen concretely

My intention is to empower and support more people to make their projects happen.

Let’s change the world through community projects!